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“A new perspective and a good choice for a historical fiction read!” – Amazon review

“Jump back into Biblical times and feel as if you are really there!” – Amazon Review

“What a fantastic book!” – Vicki Jones, Goodreads Review

“I caution the reader . . . this book will get you emotional!” – 5-Star Review

“Inspiring!” – Amazon Review

“Cavanaugh’s style has never disappointed me.” – Amazon Review

The Arm of God

A novel set in the biblical days of Samson

OF ALL THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, only one fails to seize the land apportioned to them by God at Shiloh. When key families of the tribe of Dan abandon their promised land and migrate north, Eri ben Helek remains behind, pledging to lead his tribe and claim God’s will for his people. Arrayed against them is the mighty Philistine Pentapolis with walled cities,  iron weapons and chariots, and armored soldiers outnumbering them a hundred to one.

FOLLOW THE INTREPID DANITE SOLDIERS as they make daring raids on a Philistine armory, suffer reprisals by the ruthless Seren of Ashdod, march into  battle with the Ark of the Covenant, and witness the exploits of the legendary Samson that thrust the tiny village of Zorah into an epic underdog battle for their very existence.

THE ARM OF GOD is a biblical adventure of personal faith, ruthless ambition, merciless revenge, seduction, betrayal, and supreme courage.

I read this non-stop on my flight to China. I have a new perspective of Samson and the time of the Judges and oh, how I want to see the whirlwind! Thanks Jack Cavanaugh for another life-altering, fascinating, and supreme read! – Shelia Jones, Reviewer

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Jack Cavanaugh has scored the top spot on my recommended reading list with this novel. Dear Enemy is one of those rare finds that can be enjoyed by almost any reader. — Focus on Fiction

Christian historical fiction World War IIArmy nurse Annie Mitchell spends her days patching up wounded American soldiers so young they have no business carrying guns. They should be back home playing baseball and flirting with girls. Her loathing for her German enemy grows as every day she hears another story of atrocity. When a rogue rescue mission ends in tragedy, Annie finds herself in the Ardennes Forest behind enemy lines, captured by a German soldier who doesn’t embrace her stereotype of the enemy, and she finds herself in a world that challenges all of her preconceived ideas about love and war.

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Jack Cavanaugh knows how to write. And his storytelling is at its peak in Dear Enemy. I highly recommend this book. It has action, suspense, intrigue, and romance. The total package. – Michael Dellosso, PA




  1. Julianna, Thank you for the kind comments! You’ve made my day.

  2. Julianna Akuchie says:

    This is my favorite book. I read it once a year and I finally bought it last month. I can not tell you how happy I was when it came in the mail. I have been recommending it to all my friends. It is such a beautiful and wonderful story of hope and love. How God is present everywhere. No amount of darkness could hide him. And because God is love, it spreads despite circumstance.

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