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The Novel

AMERICAN FAMILY PORTRAIT BOOK 5 – In an age of sweatshops and oppressive factory conditions, tenement dwellers cling to dreams of better days. One such dreamer is Jesse Morgan. But when a real-life act of heroism goes terribly wrong, Jesse flees New York’s east side for the pioneering West. Unknown to him, he is pursued—by Emily Austin, who loves him; by his mother; by an unsavory detective with a personal agenda; and by God, the most formidable pursuer of all. From New York tenements to riverboats, to wagon trains, to railroads and open buggies, the chase is on and will not end until Jesse learns what it means to live in the shadow of the Morgan legacy.

Cavanaugh’s style gives a
can’t-put-it-down book every time!
 – Reader, USA

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The Study Guides

Student Workbook PDF – $24.99

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Features – Interactive reading guide, characteristics of fiction, amazing historical facts, vocabulary building, fun activities, critical thinking  and life lessons

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Teacher Lesson Plans PDF – $24.99

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Features – 36 chapter by chapter lesson plans, tips for teaching literature, games and activities, student tests, final exam and vocabulary test, teacher answer sheets, and personal encouragement for teachers.

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Meet author Lisa Loftis:

During my freshman year of high school a teacher changed my world, and frankly, my future when she required me to read Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. I remember well that night. I had finished all my other homework and chores and settled in to read the assigned three chapters. However, to my surprise and delight I found I couldn’t stop at that. I continued reading well into the early morning hours and read almost half the book before class the next day. Reading soon became one of my favorite things to do, followed by a strong desire to study history.

As an adult, while homeschooling my six children, I found the need to create worksheets in an effort to give my children extra help in the areas in which they struggled. This practice carried over to working with troubled kids in my community and through my church. I began creating study guides or practice worksheets the students could use to help them reach their educational goals.

My role has changed over the years, from home school mom of six to grandmother. I love taking my grandchildren to National Parks and museums. I have an Associate’s Degree as a paralegal and currently work in a large law firm providing support for personal injury attorneys. I am also very involved with my church, James River Church in Ozark which is located near my home in Springfield, Missouri.

Whether you teach at a public, private, or home school setting, I congratulate you! Being a teacher is not for sissies! It takes guts, patience, and “stick-to-it-ivity” if you are to succeed. My sincere hope is that these study guides will assist you in helping your students develop a love of history and reading.

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