Book of Books series

English Bible in Christian history

This two book series is dedicated to the men and women
who loved the Bible more than their lives.

ANNE ASKEW was burned at the stake. Her crime? She was caught reading an English version of the Bible. Before the kindling was ignited, she was granted a pardon. She turned it down. She said, “If it’s a crime to read God’s Word in my own country in my own language, I don’t want to live here anymore.”

JOAN BOCHER was burned at the stake. Her crime? She was caught distributing Tyndale New Testaments in the court of King Henry VIII.

Book of Books


English Bible in historyBOOK 1 – An extraordinary intellect, the love of a beautiful woman, and a remarkable mission—life holds great promise for Thomas Torr. Chosen by John Wycliffe to assist in translating the Latin Vulgate into English, the young peasant senses God calling him to an incredible, but dangerous, destiny. Thus begins a thrilling adventure, leading from the catacombs of Rome to the hinterlands of Britain. Here are characters to fall in love with, exotic settings, drama, intrigue . . . and an ending that will stir anew your desire to fulfill God’s call on your life.


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When I finished your book, I looked up at all the Bibles on my shelves and wept. — Bookstore Owner, MI

English Bible in historyBOOK 2 – A vulnerable woman. A driven man. A remarkable book. Meg Foxe, haunted by her violent past and tortured by nightmares, finds comfort in her husband’s arms . . . when he’s home. Then one day,  while he’s away, she stumbles upon a book. A New Testament. Its words comfort and soothe her like nothing else. Problem is, the book is banned and Pernell, her husband, has devoted himself to its annihilation. Beyond the Sacred Page is a thrilling espionage game of cat and mouse set in the turbulent world of sixteenth-century England where politics and religion are a matter of life and death.

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It is Easter day and I am rejoicing in our Lord’s resurrection. I am also well into your book, Beyond the Sacred Page. It is excellent! — Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ


English Bible in history Wycliffe version


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English Bible in history Tyndale version


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A Note to Readers

Originally intended to be four books, the series was discontinued after the first two were published. It was a disappointing publisher’s decision. I so much wanted to write the story behind the Geneva Bible and King James Version. Doubly so, since those who read the first two books wrote such wonderful letters of appreciation.

Each of these novels is a stand-alone story. There are no recurring characters or storylines. You don’t have to read them in order.




  1. Diane, What a lovely post! Thank you for posting your comments on the website. A point of clarification: The sports books? I didn’t write those. There is another author who lives in the New England area with the same name. Readers often get confused. Even magazine publishers. Funny story — a friend sent me a clipping from a New England publication announcing that Jack Cavanaugh would be speaking at a local function — the other guy, not me. But the picture they ran was of me! Picked it up off my website. I’d be willing to assume the OTHER Jack Cavanaugh was none too pleased about that. Anyway, thanks for reading this Jack Cavanaugh’s books. Blessings. (Oh, by the way. I have a new biblical historical fiction coming out soon — The Arm of God. Check back soon for an announcement.)

  2. Hi Jack!
    The first of your books I read was Beyond The Sacred Page-what an awesome book! I immediately wanted to read more of your work, and looked on my library’s website to see what else you’ve done. You’re quite prolific! Of all things, even though I’m not a sports enthusiast, the next book I read was Tunney, which, to my somewhat surprise, I quite enjoyed. I have other books of yours on hold for me at the library, which I am looking forward to, but I also echo D Case’s and Ed Thompson’s comments, how much we take for granted our easy access to The Word. I was touched by the poignancy of how just 1 verse affected her life, drew her to God. It was a great testimony to the potency of The Word. I believe God’s Anointing was on you for the writing of that book, as it certainly was on Tyndale for his translations.
    So, 2013 was my Wendell Berry year- 2014 will be my Jack Cavanaugh year! May the God of Heaven and Earth bless you exceedingly abundantly in all you do, and enable you in all things.

  3. Ed Thompson says:

    Mr. Cavanaugh, I drop in every now and then (or do an internet search) in the hope that your “Book of Books” series will be revived for the last 2 in the original plan. I enjoyed them tremendously. I am frustrated often that I don’t remember as much from the books I read as I would like, but one thing has stuck with me for years (and I expect to for a long, long time) after reading Glimpses of Truth….I remember a part where a character was handed a strip of a scroll (or something like that) which contained a verse or verses of the Bible. I still recall the emotion with which he held it in his hands….to hold the very Word of God, something which non-clergy did not have access to some 500 years ago.

    Today one family can have a dozen or more copies of the Bible and it’s so common that we think nothing of it (and are often lazy in reading those multitudes of copies that we have). Few of us ever recall there was a time when one could not even personally possess a copy of the Word or think about what amazement it must have been to hold a copy in one’s own hands.

    I’ve also read your American Portrait series. Enjoyed that very much also.

  4. I wish you had wrote about the Geneva & King James Version as well. The first two books were great & I enjoyed reading them too.

  5. Is there anymore books to this series that I can buy? I loved both books.

  6. Lisa – thanks for the kind words. Hope you enjoy Beyond the Sacred Page as much as you did Glimpses of Truth. Actually, Beyond is a favorite of mine. I turned it into a screenplay that got some nice comments from producers, but no one has stepped up to make it a movie (yet).

  7. L Ivans says:

    I second D Case’s comment. I just finished Glimpses of Truth on my vacation. It’s the first book I’ve ever read of yours, and I LOVED it! I ordered the 2nd book in the series today. If you ever do decide to self publish or find an alternate publisher, I would be very interested in reading your 3rd and 4th installments. These stories are worthy of being told! Thank you for your dedication to writing them. Glimpses… was a great encouragement to me, and a wonderful beginning to studying the time period for homeschool teaching next year.

  8. Thanks so much for the comment! Much appreciated. As I mentioned on the website, sadly, it wasn’t my decision to discontinue the series. However, with the availability of self-publishing (ebooks and print on demand), I wouldn’t rule out doing the books myself. Would love to tell the story of the Geneva Bible and KJV. Fascinating history. It’s certainly on my radar for the future.

  9. Wish you would reconsider and write about Geneva and King James Version as the first two books in this series were wonderful…….really brought the struggles of getting the Bibles to ordinary people to life. We just walk in a store and buy any version we want today with no thought except how much to spend…and often forget to acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who went before.

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