The Arm of God

A novel set in the biblical days of Samson

OF ALL THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, only one fails to seize the land apportioned to them by God at Shiloh. When key families of the tribe of Dan abandon their promised land and migrate north, Eri ben Helek remains behind, pledging to lead his tribe and claim God’s will for his people. Arrayed against them is the mighty Philistine Pentapolis with walled cities, iron weapons and chariots, and armored soldiers outnumbering them a hundred to one.

FOLLOW THE INTREPID DANITE SOLDIERS as they make daring raids on a Philistine armory, suffer reprisals by the ruthless Seren of Ashdod, march into battle with the Ark of the Covenant, and witness the exploits of the legendary Samson that thrust the tiny village of Zorah into an epic underdog battle for their very existence.

THE ARM OF GOD is a biblical adventure of personal faith, ruthless ambition, merciless revenge, seduction, betrayal, and supreme courage.

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Behold Trailer


MAY 17 – 19, 2013

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The Making of Behold

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As you know, most people know me for my historical fiction. So why supernatural suspense? Why BEHOLD?

Honestly? The idea came to me and wouldn’t let me go. Besides, it was fun.

BEHOLD is an exhilarating mix of time travel adventure, end times drama, historical fiction, and fantasy!

Where did the idea for BEHOLD originate? Basically from three story ideas I’ve wanted to write about for a long time —

A time travel story. This is probably why I write historical fiction. If I can’t travel back in time physically, I might as well do it in my mind.

A story that emphasizes our spiritual nature. A quote from French Philosopher and Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is exactly what I hope to say in the novel:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

An end times novel. Having taught the book of Revelation, having translated it, having studied it, I always wanted to write a story based on at least a portion of it. For this novel, I chose the first four chapters featuring the Seven Candlesticks of Revelation.

The point that I most want to make about end times is that no matter how you interpret the Book of Revelation, no matter what your view is of the end times, no one knows how the future is going to unfold. God has always surprised us. And I believe the end times will contain the biggest surprises of all.

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Get your free Amazon Reader for your computer, tablet, or phone by clicking here: http://amzn.to/13At970


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The Making of The Colonists

This is the fourth in a series of videos in which I take a look back at the making of my 9-volume novel series, An American Family Portrait, on the 20th Anniversary of the publishing of the first book in the series, The Puritans.


  1. Why I Write Christian Historical Fiction
  2. The Incredible Power of Historical Fiction
  3. The Making of The Puritans


  1. Sports on Sundays: Keeping the Sabbath in the days of The Puritans
  2. My 13-year Odyssey to Getting Published
  3. John Winthrop – The Forgotten Founding Father


  • As a Christian people, we are one generation away from godlessness.
  • I created the Morgan family Bible tradition to include the telling of a family’s spiritual heritage and a commissioning of the next generation.
  • The American colonies were prospering, but they were also becoming increasingly secular.
  • The story of The Colonists is a story of three siblings who, having lost the spiritual leadership of their father, must discover their own faith.
  • It was in the outlying districts and aboard pirate ships (of all places) where democracy first took root.
  • The first great national movement to unite the contentious colonies was a spiritual movement – The Great Awakening revival.

In the video I mention four novels I co-authored with Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. Each of the novels is set during a time of great spiritual revival in America. You can learn more about this exciting series here: The Great Awakening Series.

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AUDIO: Jack tells how he wrote love poetry for a 15-year-old girl character

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My 13-year Odyssey To Getting Published

Making of Christian Historical Fiction

 An American Family Portrait

Audio Podcast


Show Notes

In this series of podcast episodes, I take a look BEHIND THE PAGES at the making of the Christian historical fiction classic, An American Family Portrait series. Today’s topic: Why it took me 13 looooonnnnnnggggggg years to get my first book contract.

  • Three key moments in my life converged to make me a writer of Christian historical fiction:
    • Changing my B.A. major from Bible studies to history
    • Having a writers seed planted in my mind while in seminary
    • Realizing the power of stories while speaking and preaching
  • After meeting Dr. Sherwood Wirt, founding editor of Billy Graham’s Decision magazine, I began attending writers critique groups and conferences.
  • The door to Christian fiction opened with the successes of Janette Oake, Frank Peretti, and Brock and Bodie Thoene.
  • At Mt. Hermon Writers Conference an editor from Victor Books told me they were looking for someone to write an American history series.
  • After submitting a proposal, I was offered a four book contract; after I submitted the first manuscript, the contract was extended to seven books and I began writing full time.

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