The Arm of God

A novel set in the biblical days of Samson

OF ALL THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, only one fails to seize the land apportioned to them by God at Shiloh. When key families of the tribe of Dan abandon their promised land and migrate north, Eri ben Helek remains behind, pledging to lead his tribe and claim God’s will for his people. Arrayed against them is the mighty Philistine Pentapolis with walled cities, iron weapons and chariots, and armored soldiers outnumbering them a hundred to one.

FOLLOW THE INTREPID DANITE SOLDIERS as they make daring raids on a Philistine armory, suffer reprisals by the ruthless Seren of Ashdod, march into battle with the Ark of the Covenant, and witness the exploits of the legendary Samson that thrust the tiny village of Zorah into an epic underdog battle for their very existence.

THE ARM OF GOD is a biblical adventure of personal faith, ruthless ambition, merciless revenge, seduction, betrayal, and supreme courage.

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