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In this series of podcast episodes, I take a look at historical figures of the past and how the past, at times, intersects the present. Today’s episode: A 300-year-old Bible is stolen.

  • While I have imagined what it would be like to lose a precious family heirloom Bible in The Colonists and The Guardians, Tim Shier of Marysville, OH experienced it. Entrusted to him for safekeeping, the family Bible was stolen from his house.
  • The Shier’s family Bible was printed in Germany in 1706 and contained the hand-written record of family births and deaths for seven generations.
  • The thieves were caught, but had disposed of the Bible in a bin.
  • Eventually, the Bible turned up. It had been purchased on Ebay, but the buyers didn’t want to part with it unless they were compensated for it.
  • Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 171 raised $405.00 to buy the Bible.
  • In a ceremony at Marysville High School, the Lodge returned the Bible to a tearful Tim Shier.
  • In Book 2, The Colonists, Philip Morgan recovers the Morgan family Bible and his life is changed by the experience.
  • In Book 9, The Guardians, the Morgan family Bible is stolen. Is it recovered? Interesting question since it’s the last book in the series . . . .

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