A Middle-Aged Male Author Attempts to Write Poetry From a Teenage Character

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In this series of podcast episodes, I take a look at some of my memories of writing the American Family Portrait series. Today’s episode: A middle-aged man attempts to write poetry from the point of view of a 15-year-old girl.

  • One of the challenges every author faces is creating believable characters of different time periods, ages, races, cultures, gender and species.
  • The scariest challenge for me is writing from the point of view of a woman.
  • The Pride and the Passion, my novel set in South Africa, is the first book I wrote entirely from the point of view of a woman.
  • In The Colonists, I have a 15-year-old female character who is a poet, Anne Pierpont. After several failed attempts at writing poetry from her point of view, I turned to two experts for help:
    • Judith Deem Dupree graciously agreed to let me use one of her poems that fit Anne Pierpont’s character perfectly. You can read it in The Colonists, page 377.
    • My daughter, Elizabeth, a teenager at the time, wrote a love poem from Anne Pierpont’s point of view and did an excellent job. You can read her poem on page 417.
  • I credited both Judith and Elizabeth for their poems in the Acknowledgement section of The Colonists. If you don’t read the Acknowledgments in novels, you should. It gives you a personal insight into the character of the author and the writing of the novel.

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