John Winthrop – The Forgotten Founding Father

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In this series of podcast episodes, I take a look at the Inspirational History of real-life persons and events who lived during the time in which my featured novel was historically set. Today’s hero: John Winthrop, Puritan leader.

  • What makes John Winthrop a hero? A hero makes sacrifices for a great cause.
  • Born in wealth, John Winthrop sacrificed to finance an expedition of 11 ships to the New World.
  • With his wife pregnant at the time of sailing, John Winthrop made personal sacrifices to lead the Puritans to the New World.
  • When the colonists were ready to turn back to England, with a speech Winthrop inspired them to build a “city upon a hill” that all men could look up to for inspiration.
  • The government and court documents of those early settlers is replete with references to Scripture, indicating their belief that they were beginning a new nation based on faith in God.

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