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In this series of podcast episodes, I take a look at the Way We Were as Christians in the past. In this episode, keeping the Sabbath in the days of the Puritans.

  • With all the Sunday distractions today, you’d think this was a modern struggle. Not so. 
  • In the 4th Century, Chrysostom complained about worshipers running off the chariot races at the hippodrome.
  • In the days of the Puritans, King James’s Book of Sports required all Englishmen to play sports on Sundays.

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  1. Thank you Susan. Much appreciated!

  2. Jack – you are a study of patience and perseverance. Thanks for being an author who paves the way for others, invests and encourages other writers and maintains a humility about it all. May God continue to richly bless your writing ministry.

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