Why I Write Christian Historical Fiction

This is the first of a series of videos in which I take a look back at the making of my 9-volume series, An American Family Portrait on the 20th Anniversary of the publishing of the first book in the series, The Puritans.


  • History, well done, is merely a collection of stories.
  • History combined with fiction transports the reader back in time so that they are living the past.
  • Christian historical fiction lets readers experience what it was like to live as a Christian in a previous day and age.
  • I write Christian historical fiction to tell hero stories that will change people’s lives.
  • In an age of serial-killer bestsellers, why we need hero stories.
  • I share some treasured letters from some of my readers.

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The Incredible Power of Historical Fiction
An exciting step-by-step journey about how fiction makes history come alive.

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