Fantasizing Fame: A Parable

Strength for the Quest

There is an ancient African folktale that tells the story of a village that was terrorized by a lion. Old and no longer king of a pride, the lion didn’t have females to hunt for him. So he raided villages at night, stealing cattle and snatching unwary children. 

All the men of the village gathered their spears and formed a hunting party. All but one. 

Days later the hunters returned victorious. They’d killed the lion. 

The carcass was dragged into the center of the village. Everyone cheered and sang and danced. Children took turns daring one another to touch the dead animal. And in the midst of the celebration, the villager who didn’t join the hunting party, when he was  certain everyone was watching, strode boldly up to the lion . . . and kicked it. 

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who take risks, and those who want the glory without the risk. 

Dream. Do. Don’t fantasize over spotlights you don’t deserve. Don’t be a dead lion kicker. 

Because Life Is More Than A Journey


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