Daylight and Nightmare – Chesterton

Daylight and nightmare chesterton


Jack reads selected passages
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Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unedited.


Daylight and Nightmare,
G. K. Chesterton, 1986. 



“Chesterton is da man!” — author James Scott Bell


A sunset of copper and gold had just broken down and gone to pieces in the west, and grey colours were crawling over everything and earth and heaven; also a wind was growing, a wind that laid a cold finger upon flesh and spirit. The bushes at the back of my garden began to whisper like conspirators; and then to wave like wild hands in signal. . . . A black flapping thing detaches itself from one of the sombre trees and flutters to another. I know not if it is owl or flittermouse; I could fancy it was a black cherub of darkness, not with the wings of a bird and the head of the baby, but with the head of a goblin and the wings of a bat. I think, if there were light enough, I could sit here and write some very creditable creepy tale, about how I went up the crooked road beyond the church and met Something — say a dog, a dog with one eye. Then I should meet a horse, perhaps a horse without a rider; the horse also would have one eye. Then the inhuman silence would be broken; I should meet a man (need I say, a one-eyed man?) who would ask me the way to my own house. Or perhaps tell me that it was burnt to the ground. I think I could tell a very cosy little tale along some such lines. Or I might dream of climbing for ever the tall dark trees above me. They are so tall that I feel as if I should find at their tops the nests of the angels; but in this mind they would be dark and dreadful angels; angels of death.


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