Standing on the Threshold

Medieval door with text smaller Threshold

The Times They Are A-Changin'


Who would have guessed a few short decades ago that storytelling would take such a momentous leap from bound pages to electronic books? Yet, here we are.
In his 1992 autobiography, storyteller James Michener said, "I cannot foresee what form the book, which has been so precious to me, will take in the next century. . . but I am positive that regardless of how the narrative is circulated, the men or women who can create it will continue to be invaluable."
Truth is, every society since the beginning of language has had its storytellers. And while the delivery system has varied over time, our craving for good stories remains constant.

 But with so many ways to communicate these days, which venue is best for me? While devices that use video and audio and pop-up links are currently the rage, I choose to tell stories with books—both bound and electronic—that engage  people in the reading experience that has been most dear to me.

These are my stories.


You stand on the threshold to the worlds of Jack Cavanaugh

Each page is a doorway to a different world

Enter and enjoy the adventure



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