Supernatural Suspense

Let us suppose that this everyday world were, at some point, invaded by the marvelous. Let us, in fact, suppose a violation of frontier…   — C.S. Lewis

Brain damaged since birth, all Damon Vaughn wants is to be normal. But he is anything but normal. Violent seizures throw his spirit out of his body and back in time. The only way for him to interact with people in the past is to possess their bodies. Some think he’s a demon, but it’s in the past he finds his destiny through a secret society guarding an ancient prophecy and the mystery of the seven candlesticks of Revelation. Damon finds himself caught up in a war that began before creation, a war with an ancient evil seeking to kill him. And a chase across time is on. . . .

BEHOLD! A coming of age story for mankind.

If you enjoyed Kingdom Wars,
you’ll love Behold!

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It is a joy to read the work of a master craftsman. Cavanaugh weaves a story of suspense, humor, and a thought provoking story line that keeps the reader engaged right to the end. Bravo, Jack! – Reader Gretchen Ricker