American Family Portrait

American Family Portrait series. Some beliefs are worth dying for.

Beliefs such as . . . 

One nation under God
     Conceived in liberty
          Dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal

9 Volumes

MEET THE MORGANS,  a passionate, patriotic American family with a biblical heritage that spans the history of a nation. Follow their adventures as the family Bible is handed down from generation to generation.



The Puritans
The Colonists



The Puritans Kindle WEBSITE

BOOK 1 – COMING TO AMERICA – A young man eager to prove himself. An ambitious bishop determined to root out nonconformists. A quiet Puritan village with a secret. When Drew Morgan is dispatched to the English village of Edenford to unmask a notorious criminal, instead of a lair of sedition and heresy, he finds sincere, hardworking people trying to live by their biblical beliefs. He learns the truth, but is it too late? With Bishop Laud’s forces closing in, he helps the villagers flee across the ocean to a new world where, in the face of hardship and treachery, they lay a foundation for one family’s spiritual heritage and a new nation.

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It made me cry, laugh, and
triggered every other emotion!
– Reader, USA


The Colonists WEBSITEBOOK 2 – COLONIAL AMERICA – Benjamin Morgan thought he’d have more time. His children weren’t ready. When he died Philip, his oldest son—whose future at Harvard had been planned with academic precision—was driven to a primitive Indian village; Priscilla—obstinate and headstrong—was thrust into the world of commerce dominated by powerful men; and fun-loving, carefree Jared, shanghaied in an alley, found himself on the high seas aboard a pirate ship. Would their trials splinter the family? Or would the heirs of Benjamin Morgan rise to the occasion and with faith, a spirit of enterprise and  resolve overcome adversity and establish a foundation upon which future generations could build?

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 Captivatingly suspenseful!”
– Reader, USA

American History minuteman patriots

BOOK 3 – REVOLUTIONARY WAR – At what point does a Christian take up arms against his own government? As the winds of revolution agitate the colonies, forcing citizens to declare their allegiance, the Morgans find themselves split on the issue of independence. Twin brothers. Equally passionate. Both patriots. One faithful to England; the other to America. For them the question of loyalty centers around the family Bible. Will it remain in America or return to England? As the conflict turns deadly at Lexington and Concord, Valley Forge, Boston, New York and Philadelphia, the forces that pit brother against brother might very well become the salvation of the Morgan spiritual heritage.

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An absolute masterpiece,
beautifully written!
     – Reader, CANADA


American History Civil WarBOOK 4 – THE CIVIL WAR – The Morgan and Cooper families have been friends for generations, dating back to the little village of Edenford, England. But when the Morgan brothers—J.D., Marshall, and Willy—run slaves to freedom during a Cooper family visit, emotions erupt between the Northern Morgans and Southern Coopers. Tensions—both national and personal—escalate. And as the sons of both families march to war, they find themselves blindsided by Caleb McKenna, a powerful New York banker who uses the war to mask a blood feud. Can this generation of Morgans survive the brutality and bitterness of a civil war as well as a ruthless personal vendetta?

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Cavanaugh’s ability to put the reader
in the story is excellent!
– Reader, USA

American History Pioneers

BOOK 5 – EXPANDING FRONTIER – In an age of sweatshops and oppressive factory conditions, tenement dwellers cling to dreams of better days. One such dreamer is Jesse Morgan. But when a real-life act of heroism goes terribly wrong, Jesse flees New York’s east side for the pioneering West. Unknown to him, he is pursued—by Emily Austin, who loves him; by his mother; by an unsavory detective with a personal agenda; and by God, the most formidable pursuer of all. From New York tenements to riverboats, to wagon trains, to railroads and open buggies, the chase is on and will not end until Jesse learns what it means to live in the shadow of the Morgan legacy.

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Cavanaugh’s style gives a
can’t-put-it-down book every time!
 – Reader, USA


American History World War 1BOOK 6 – WORLD WAR I – The war comes suddenly to the Morgans when Emily and daughter, Katy, survive the sinking of the luxury liner Lusitania when it is torpedoed by a German U-boat. It is but a foreshadow of the dangers that lie ahead. Emily is caught up in a web of intrigue in England; while Katy, inspired by the heroic life of nurse Edith Cavell, becomes an ambulance driver; and Johnny, the youngest Morgan, an aviator, achieves distinction in the skies while attached to a pursuit squadron in France. In a series of ill-fated events both Katy and Johnny are caught behind enemy lines. Will they escape, or will Johnny’s compulsive competitiveness be their undoing?

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I have thoroughly enjoyed all the books
in this series, but this one is the best!
– Reader, USA


American History World War IIBOOK 7 – WORLD WAR II – In the darkest days of World War II, four messengers arrive at the Morgan house in San Diego, one after the other. Just like in the Old Testament account of Job, each messenger bears bad news regarding Johnny and Laura Morgan’s four children—Walt, a B-17 pilot in England; Alexandra, one of a chosen few female pilots; Nat, an army photographer in Europe; and Lily, a big band singer touring battlefields in Italy. In one afternoon the Morgans face the possible extinction of an entire generation and the end of the Morgan spiritual heritage in America.

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An inspiring, informative, entertaining
novel that is extremely well-written
and not soon forgotten!
– Reader, USA


American history 1960s VietnamBOOK 8 – 1960s and VIETNAM – America’s most unpopular war unleashes violence at home and abroad as the country’s spiritual foundation is shaken as never before. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the volatile 60’s, the Morgan household—with their rich legacy of patriotism—erupts in discord as Paige protests the military draft and her brother’s imminent departure for Vietnam. However, she is soon disillusioned by the deadly agendas of the protest leaders, and when Travis returns from the war broken and cynical, she embarks on one final crusade—to restore her brother to the family faith.

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The Morgan’s family faith
has been weathered and time-tested
and is still going strong!
– Reader, USA


American History The BibleBOOK 9 – PRESENT DAY – Ethan Morgan never wanted to be the heir of a three-century-old family legacy. But when his brother is murdered, and the symbol of their family’s legacy—a 17th Century Bible—is stolen, he uses his training as a police detective to track down the murderer, only to get caught up in a greater threat than he ever imagined. In a journey that takes him from California to Edenford, England where it all began; to London; Providence, Ohio; Las Vegas, and Boston, Ethan battles an evil that threatens everything his family has stood for. And for the first time in his life, he understands what it means to be a Morgan, and a man of faith. 

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A tale that is both amazing and 
written with Cavanaugh’s signature wit!
 Reader, USA


 Special Feature

In the back of each book there is an Afterword where Jack comments on the historical sources he used for each story, and clarifies which parts of the story are historical and which parts are fictional.

Note To Readers

Each of these novels is a stand-alone novel, you don’t have to read all the previous novels to understand the story in any one book. While those who read the series from start to finish will have a depth of experience common to generational stories, if you are interested only in a particular time period in American history you can select the appropriate book and read it without fear of feeling you’re stepping into the middle of a conversation.


You can still find print copies of the books at your favorite bookstore. If they don’t have them on the shelves, they can order them for you. You can also find new and used copies online. There were two major printings, each with their own distinctive covers.





  1. Sarah, thank you for loving the American Family Portrait series. I feel privileged to have been able to write it. As for a movie? Nothing yet. I have occasional connections with some fine Christian filmmakers–just met a new one within the last month or so. We’re talking about another project, but who knows where it might lead? God does.

  2. Hello, I absolutely LOVE the American Family Portrait Series. In fact, I have written you a couple times with the same question. I just thought I’d ask again. Will the AFPS ever be in movie or tv series form? I think it would be an amazing addition to television and would be one of the first people to watch it.

  3. Joy,

    Thank you! You made my day! I plan to continue the podcasts. The delay has been due to writing the next book (always a tension for an author between writing and talking about what you’ve written). I’m nearing the end. Give me a couple of weeks and I should be getting some more podcasts produced. I’ll be talking about the current book in future podcasts. It’s called the Arm of God and is set in the days of Samson. I’m having fun with it. Should be out the first of December. Blessings.

  4. Kyle,

    I’m not aware of this series currently available in audiobook format. Sorry. Thanks for asking.

  5. Jack – I have an hour drive (one way) to work M-F and can’t begin to express my appreciation for your podcast, The Making of Christian Historical Fiction. I am learning so much !! Please keep the podcasts coming !!!

  6. Is this book Series available in audiobook format? If so were can I find it?

  7. Evelyn – Thanks for writing and wanting to put the American Family Portrait series in your church library. Sometimes publishers move at a glacial pace, which seems to be the case with the AFP reprints. At this writing, I doubt if we’ll see a single volume appearing by the end of this year, let alone all nine. Wish I had better news. If you have trouble finding any of the volumes, let me know. I may be able to help. Blessings.

  8. We are wanting to get this series for our church library and noticed there is to be a third printing in 2013. Do you know when that will be? We could try to order the older ones, but if new ones are coming, we’d like to wait for those.

  9. How do you like your tea prepared? Glad to serve faithful readers and friends. Blessings.

  10. Lisa Loftis says:

    Just finished the Puritans…again! Starting the Colonists tomorrow…*if I wait that long…*

    I enjoyed reading this series so much the first time…and reading them again…is like reliving my favorite moments over and over!

    Hey Jack…could you refill my tea for me?….I don’t want to put my book down to do it myself! ;D

    Thanks Jack!

  11. Thanks for asking, Valerie. I’ll contact you by email regarding your request. Blessings.

  12. I have some of the paperback books from the American Patriot Series. I have had a lot of trouble finding the missing books. Where can I buy them?
    Adversaries, Pioneers, Allies and Guardians?

  13. Wow. Good question. Hardcover copies were book club editions and I don’t know of any clubs that did the entire series. Would LOVE to have the series in hardcover. At present, I’m talking with a publisher who is interested in re-releasing the series, but it would be in trade paper. The good news is that they are agreeable to make the spine art form a complete picture when on the shelves. That would be really nice. If they pick up the project I doubt we’d see anything before 2014. Thanks for asking!

  14. would like to find hardcover copies of American Patriot Series (paper cover was green). Any suggestions?

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