Great Awakening Series

Great Awakening series header 5With Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

A must have for anyone interested in the Great Awakenings or looking for revival in their own life. – Reader

Revival in AmericaBOOK 1 – PRAYER REVIVAL OF 1857-58  The flames of revival are sweeping the land, no more dramatically than in New York City—but not everybody welcomes the spiritual awakening! When his daughter experiences a life-changing conversion, a prominent New York attorney demands proof that the Holy Spirit exists by suing the church where she was saved. In a dramatic courtroom showdown, the Holy Spirit demonstrates He is perfectly capable of defending Himself!

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The characters were so real I was ready to Google them and see what happened after the story ended.— Reader, OH

Revival in AmericaBOOK 2 – GREAT AWAKENING, 1740-41  Determined to save the town he loves, Josiah Rush endures personal attacks as he battles an insidious unseen enemy who is equally determined to use the town for his own immoral purposes. With historical appearances by Great Awakening preachers Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield, this novel portrays spiritual revival as the only cure for a sin-sick nation.

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Loved this book. I pray that the spirit of holiness and revival will fall on everyone in this nation as it did on the faithful back then! — Reader,GA

BOOK 3 – YALE REVIVAL, 1798-1800  As the spiritual fervor of the Great Awakening begins to decline in America, a young student at Yale College becomes the target of both academic and personal attacks as he takes a stand for his faith. He discovers that there is a secret society bent on squelching the spiritual revival that is breaking out on campus. Written with the intensity of a political thriller, this compelling novel–set against the historical backdrop of America in the late 1800s– reminds readers how the Holy Spirit can shape not only individual lives, but an entire nation.

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Well written, humorous, and thought provoking. At some points poetic, other segments laugh out loud funny.- Kelly Klepfer, IA

Revival in AmericaBOOK 4 – 2ND GREAT AWAKENING, 1825-26  Witness to a murder, a young man flees for his life and travels to upstate New York where he hears the powerful preaching of Charles Finney dramatically portraying the Holy Spirit as an unrelenting hound of heaven. However, the young man soon finds out that God is not the only one after him; he is also being pursued by the killer who will stop at nothing to keep his crime a secret. Set against the historic events of the Second Great Awakening, this thriller portrays the spiritual journey of a bitter skeptic whose heart is changed by the messages he hears and the friendship offered by a trio of young believers. Fury is ablaze with suspense and intrigue.

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This is one of the most gripping stories I’ve ever read! – Reader, FL

Author’s Note

Each book in the Great Awakening series is a stand-alone novel. The series is linked by theme, not story line. They were released out of chronological sequence because the prayer revival of 1857-58 (Proof) was Dr. Bright’s favorite revival of the series. If you wish to read the series in chronological order, read them in this order —





  1. Linda . . . so glad you’re enjoying the AFP series, even the battle “guy” sections! Your comment made me smile. Hope you enjoy the other books. Blessings.

  2. Dear Jack,
    Just finished the 9 books from “American Family Portrait”….I was enthralled with each book and couldn’t put them down. I loved the Morgan family characters of each generation. You even made the “dogfights” in the WWI and WWII series interesting, that’s saying a lot for this woman!!! I have written down the name of each of your books and will be reading all of them , and very soon!!! God blessed you with so much talent, which I get to enjoy with each book! Thank you…

  3. Joanna,

    Thanks for asking. While each of the books is a stand alone story, the chronological sequence is Fire, Storm, Fury, Proof.

    Dr. Bright was so taken with the history of the prayer revival, he wanted to do Proof first. And since the books are stand alone stories, there was no reason not to. That made the publishing sequence: Proof, Fire, Storm, Fury. Unless the chronology is significant for you, that’s the order I’d recommend. Enjoy!

  4. First, id like to say thank you so much for your wonderful novels! God bless you and your talent. 🙂

    My question is: In which order should I read the great awakening series? In which order would you recommend?

  5. Thanks, Jodi! Here’s hoping all your “wishes” come true! Let me know how it turns out.

  6. These look promising. Just added to my ‘wish list’ on Amazon.

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